100 Toe socks Standard (Uni-sex)


Nowadays, toe socks are getting popular because of the many benefits. They are effective in many ways. (1)Reduce odor, (2)Protect from fungus, (3)Anti-aging, (4)Relieve cold feet, (5)Good for the sports' activity

Have you heard the expression, "The sole of the foot is the second heart"? It is said because the sole of the foot sends blood, which originally came from the heart, back to the heart. If the blood doesn't go back to the heart completely, wastes will in the blood vessels. These wastes slow down blood circulation and cause various physical problems.

This seamless knit toe socks are interwoven with strands of Copper Complex.  This unique socks actually radiate low-frequency infrared, just like the sun, for a gradual heating. Cozy Toes are also designed with electric conductive material to promote body electricity that stimulates affected feet.

※ Machine Washable. Do not use bleach and dryer. Dry it in the shade not to damage conductive copper fiber.