013 Elbow Standard (BLK) - Cozy Support Raal Copper Complex support generates electricity to work with your body to ease stiffness aand pain while you sleep. Special technology from Japan

013 Elbow Standard (BLK)


Cozy Support is interwoven with copper complex, is used by people in Japan for more than 30 years. This unique support actually radiates low-frequency infrared, just like the sun, for a very gradual heating. Cozy Support is also designed with electric conductive material to promote body electricity that stimulates affected muscles, joints and nerves. This aids in circulation to help relax muscles and joints without discomfort. 

Elbow Standard (BLK) is recommended those who is suffered from tennis elbow or stiffness. Don't wear it too tight. Wear it comfortably, so you can wear it all day long.

Made of washable Cotton, Polyurethane and Nylon with copper complex.